Our offer

In the field of mobile surface treatment IMPACTS GmbH offers a high-quality and comprehensive product portfolio for the mobile preparation of concrete, steel surfaces, mineral surfaces, asphalt, natural stone, and many other areas. The mobile shot blast machines and single head grinding machines are developed and manufactured in our headquarters in Overath near Cologne. “Made in Germany” is therefore claim and obligation for us. The result: quality and precision.

With our five product groups, we cover every conceivable application area from the construction sites.
Our offer is completed by grinding and polishing machines, strippers and scarifiers which are produced by our partner companies from the US and Switzerland. High quality, innovative diamond tools for our own machines and for many other manufacturers are always in stock.

What distinguishes the typical IMPACTS quality?

We do not want to thrash any phrases in which we are not good. But we can say that we are proud of the exceptional quality of our products.

Compared with the competition, our machines have a considerably longer service life.

While it is often the case in the manufacturing industry to design machines or their components from the outset for a defined useful life, IMPACTS omitted this kind of simulation technology and provides through special design and quality of the items machines and parts with much higher quality and durability.

So our business model is not based on those customers who come back forcibly, but on satisfied customers who come back with pleasure and without complaints. And they recommend us accordingly. Our success is the success of our customers.

Who we are

The company was founded in 2004 by experienced professionals from the mobile surface preparation technology. “Make it different, make it better, create more tailored and lucrative solutions for the customer “- these were the driving forces behind the foundation.

Our “Make it different, do it better “is accepted by the market: Today IMPACTS has a sister company in the USA, worldwide 18 sales partners and a global network of experts. Meanwhile we export to 25 countries. The main markets include Germany, France, the USA and China.

What makes us special?

Each new product development takes its start on the client side. If you like, we do what the customer wants. Or with other words: From a specific need or even a vague idea of our client, we develop a concrete solution – a new component, a new design or a new application.

If individual product solutions are sought, we are characterized by short response times: that means between the needs analysis, the design and the final implementation are usually only a few months. Nothing is impossible.

This is very much appreciated by our satisfied customers with whom we have a very open and very honest relationship. Personal contact is our top priority.

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