Compact , powerful blast machine for machining of medium horizontal surfaces.

The blast machine IMPACTS STREAMER S320E110R  is a compact and powerful blast machine to work on medium sized horizontal surfaces. In order to reach the optimal blasting capacity and performance,it is recommended to use the STREAMER S320E110R together with the IMPACTS dust collector DUSTCOM DC2725.

Data sheet download (PDF)
  • All in one „lift lock“ for the dustbin handling 
  • New developed „ Side-Force“ lining system with improved wear resistance 
  • Strong drive motor 
  • Optimized weight
  • Extreme manoeuvrable


Streamer S320E110R

Blasting Power

11 kW

Travel speed

Variable speed  0-30m/min

Power supply

400 V/50 Hz, 32 A  CEE

Blasting width

320 mm

Blasting capacity

Up to 180 m²/h on concrete

L x W x H in mm

1.400 × 488 × 1.180


270 kg