Ride-on ADB All-Day-Battery "High-Speed"

The latest generation of the industries work horse.

Our most powerful battery powered ride-on stripper ensures a very quiet operation without exhaust gases and on blade vibrations. The optimized engine technology with the modified charger ensures longer running times with shorter charging times and thus enables more efficient work on the construction site.

Data sheet download (PDF)
  • Extremely robust construction oft he chassis and controls for a long life
  • Simple, very precise operation by high-quality hydraulic control 
  • Charger securely installed in the machine 
  • Battery management system the automatic switch-off to protect against total discharge of the batteries 
  • Hydraulic front angle plate and deflector plate included
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat with armrests 
  • Almost maintenance-free thanks to hydraulic technology


Ride-on ADB                                                      

Battery Run Time

8 – 12 hours

Battery Charging Time

8 – 10 hours


Up to 61 m / min

 L (without blade holder) x W x H 

1610mm  x 760mm x 1130mm

Height of the seat



1180 kg (2600 Ibs)

Removable Weight (front plate)                                                                                        380 kg (1764 Ibs)